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Organizational COACHING

Prepare your company for new horizons

Coaching Ontológico. Coaching Integral. Formacion de Coaches. Coaching Educativo. Coaching Deportivo. Coaching Politico. Coaching Organizacional

Our Commitment

We train agents of change who can produce effective leadership in today's complex world.

We accompany our clients to invent the future, through generating unprecedented actions.

Coaching in Organizations

El COACHING es mundialmente reconocido como una de las BEST PRACTICES a nivel organizacional, por la capacidad que desarrolla el Coach para asistir y acompañar a personas, equipos y organizaciones para que puedan:

  • Desarrollar Nuevas Perspectivas. 

  • Elevar el Nivel de Consciencia.

  • Trascender sus propios límites. 

  • Desarrollar Nuevas Habilidades y Competencias.

  • Mejorar su Rendimiento. 

  • Conseguir Resultados Extra-Ordinarios. 


What results can be obtained through Coaching?

In organizations in which we have worked, they have declared to have improved communication, created highly productive teams, increased sales significantly, developed organizational cultures based on trust and commitment, created a work environment of cooperation and responsibility.

On a personal level, people recognize themselves as more confident, secure, responsible, and committed.

"Coaching has become a strategic necessity for people, teams and organizations committed to producing extraordinary results."

Creating a Comprehensive Cultural Transformation through Coaching allows:

  • Facilitate not only that people adapt to changes, but also that they are capable of designing, creating, inventing changes.

  • Connect the human being with transcendental values and commitment.

  • Create effective / affective relationships, improving communication.

  • Promote the achievement of extraordinary results.

  • Develop contexts of openness, commitment, respect, trust and power, for the effective coordination of actions and the achievement of high performance work teams.

  • Demystify the fact that as human beings we have a potential that we have to develop, and connect with Human Possibility ("We do not come into the world to discover ourselves, but to create ourselves").

How and where can you learn the skills of Coaching?

There are five different ways to learn and work with Coaching:

  1. Training activities (intensive, face-to-face and virtual courses and workshops). see more

  2. Training Programs (face-to-face and virtual). see more

  3. Personal coaching, hiring a Coach to work on certain specific problems and objectives to be achieved (face-to-face or virtual). see more

  4. Institutional Coaching, hiring a Coach to work on certain specific problems and objectives to be achieved within the institution (face-to-face or virtual). see more

  5. Reading of books and specialized articles. see more

Who is Coaching for?

Corporate Coaching: Executives and Corporations

- Dept. HR staff who need to hire external coaches.

- CEO's, executives, managers and professionals who require the services of a coach.

- Companies that want to take a Coaching initiative.

- Companies that want to train their managers as internal coaches.

- Companies interested in Coaching workshops.

- Companies that need the accompaniment of a coach in any of these areas:

- Strategic planning, re-engineering processes; cultural change, future design.

- Creation and development of high performance teams; or 360 ° feed-back.

- Improvement of internal / external communication, corporate image.

- Develop sales teams, increase sales productivity.

Small Business Coaching: SMEs

- Entrepreneurs.

- Owners and managers of SMEs.

- Launch of new companies.

- Independent professionals.

- Entrepreneurs who work from home. (Home Business)

- Executives who are leaving their companies to launch their own business.

Life Coaching: Personal Coaching

People who want to work on any of these topics:

- Career planning.

- Personal vision and future design.

- Personal care plan.

- Development of spirituality.

- Improved relationships (friends, couples, family, etc.).

- Health and body well-being.

- Creativity.

- Financial Freedom.

- Personal leadership and time organization.

- Teens (career design)

- Removal of phobias.

Career / Transition Coaching: Career Transition Coaching

- People who are in the transition of their career.

- People who have to make an important decision about their career.

- People in corporate positions or those who are about to join.

- People with doubts whether or not to continue in corporate positions.

- People who want to work with a coach any of these aspects:

- The changing expectations of employers and employees.

- Market trends. Values of loyalty and security.

- Specific evaluation criteria for companies.

- Career and future satisfaction

- Start a new business.

- Change profession.

Corporate Services

  • Coaching approach

    • Comprehensive Interventions with Coaching and Organizational Design.

    • High Impact Conferences for Corporate Events and Congresses.

    • Training of Internal Coaches / Facilitators. See more

    • Executive Coaching.

    • Team Coaching.

    • Project Coaching.

    • Performance Coaching.

    • Career Coaching.

  • Outdoor Training, Team Development & Integration

  • Corporate Training.

    • “TeamBuilding, developing trust and power in Teams”.

    • "Communicating Effectively".

    • "Integral Coaching, Creating a New Style of Management".

    • "Designing the Future".

    • "Conscious Leadership, Transcendent Teams".

    • "Developing Creative & Innovative Thinking".

    • "Increasing your Productivity through Consultative Sales".

    • "Trust Relations, Achieving Effective Negotiations".

    • "Achieving High Impact, through Effective Presentations".

    • "Integral Coaching of the Being. Corporality, Emotionality and Energy necessary for Effective Action".

    • "Stress Management".

    • "Personal Leadership & Time Management".

    • "Making High Impact Decisions".

    • "Delighting Customers, Spirit of Service."

    • "From Manager to Coach".

    • "Group Trust, Transcending Tough Conversations"

    • "Live the Values"

  • Comprehensive Corporate Events

    • Family day

    • Children's Day

    • End of the year's party

    • Sales Conventions

    • Product Presentation

    • Brand positioning

  • Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

    • Integral Yoga and Stretching in jobs.

    • Personalized Training and Group Fitness.

    • Labor Nutrition.

    • Armed Running Teams

    • Specific training for competitions.

    • Express in Company Massage Service

  • Human Capital: HR Services

    • Organizational Diagnostics, Spiral Dynamics model.

    • Self & Assessment Center.

    • Outplacement / Assisted Disengagement.

    • 360 ° Feed-Back and Competency Management.

    • Evaluation and Diagnosis of Culture and Work Climate.

    • Definition and Alignment of Vision, Mission, Values.

    • Planning and Strategic Thinking, to promote Systemic Learning.

    • Recruitment and staff selection.

    • Evaluation and Description of Key Positions.

    • Design of Human Resources Measurement Systems.

    • Implementation of Management, Behavioral and Technical Profiles and Competencies.

    • Market Research to define the compensation system.

    • Preparation of Human Resources Policies and Manuals.

  • Marketing and Corporate Communication Services

    • Corporate image.

    • Internal & External Communication.

    • Focus Group.

    • Mystery Client.

    • Market research.

    • Promotional Marketing.

    • Event organization.

    • Targeted Promotions.

  • Brand positioning.

  • Services from and for Sales

    • Retail sales.

    • Consulting sales.

    • Commercial Negotiation.

    • Tele-Sales.

    • Development of Sales Supervisors.

    • Commercial Coaching.

    • Call Center Attention & Service.

    • The Art of Communication in Sales.

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