A fascinating experience of Personal Transformation and Professional Development. Program with the Endorsement of the AACOP (Argentine Association of Professional Ontological Coaching) and the Accreditation of the FICOP (International Federation of Professional Ontological Coaching).
2 decades trained Professional Coaches.
Semi-face-to-face program, today in 100% Virtual Format due to pandemic

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Training Program TRAIN YOUR MIND, Leadership & Sports Coaching. You learn the art of connecting students, players and teams with the best of themselves. 10 modules in 100% Virtual Mode. To: Technical Directors. Coaches and Sports Coordinators. Personal Trainers. Fitness, Dance and Martial Arts Instructors, Gym Managers and Owners. Leaders of Sports Clubs and Associations. Nutritionists and Sports Doctors. Sports Coaches and Psychologists.


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International Training of Professional Ontological Coaches 2021.

Train your Mind , Leadership & Sports Coaching Program. Now 100% Virtual.

Emotional Educational Coaching , an innovative approach to the new educational paradigm

We have developed a work platform to contribute to the educational world. A comprehensive program that includes a space for emotional learning for kindergarten students, preparation for work for adolescents and a Diplo "Educational NeuroCoaching": for the teaching staff.


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