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Thanks for trusting us

“The work with GL allowed:

Understand how one is positioned before their objectives, which are the barriers.

Understand those aspects that prevent getting results

Think of alternative solutions (the ones best adapted to the current moment and personality of the decision maker).

Apply the solutions, and follow the evolution of the degree of resolution of the problems and / or conflicts linked to overcoming these barriers.

Notice in the facts the improvement both in the resolution of the issues raised during the work, and in the way of facing in general any situation that requires facing an action to obtain a desired result.

The service seems to me to be of a very good level, especially due to the degree of adaptation and customization to the personal history of the person, focused on obtaining the proposed objectives. "

Claudio doller

Partner - BDO Becher & Asoc.

“For me it was very important to know coaching, first receiving it as a service for two years with Guido Samelnik and then learning it from the inside in the training of coaches, I have had significant results. I am very grateful and very satisfied with my achievements. "

Lorraine kleinmann

Director, LK Sport Orientation

"In our company we were given the responsibility of a Group of Managers to carry the company forward, to get out of the deep crisis that brought about the devaluation of 2001. It should be noted that our company sold imported UPS and we are currently reinforcing other services and products that guarantee continuity and quality of electrical energy in Computer Centers, datacenter, electromedicine, controllers in Industries and other critical applications. We go out in search of a tool that allows us to work as a team and not as autonomous departments. After a couple of interviews with Guido Samelnik, we put together a work plan with an initial Workshop and weekly meetings to jointly develop the business plan for 2004, doubling the sales expectations that in 2003. The experience of "was so good." manager's table "as we call it internally, which at the beginning of 2004 we decided that both the line of technical managers and the entire commercial department would hold a workshop to introduce them to this new way of facing life. Although working from commitment and not based on rewards and punishments is mobilizing and this means that we must still find the balance point, the results of the plan are being very good, complying with the vast majority of the goals that we have proposed. I recommend it, it's worth it. "

William Monczer

Commercial Manager, Sieco SA

“My experience of Ontological Coaching is defined in me in a single word: completeness. Coaching is for me a deep experience, many call it the art of touching lives, if there are possible things that many times perhaps we see them impossible, coaching for me is a look beyond my possible, it is to see a mirror in every corner that shows you what you are not seeing for yourself, in these years I met some coaches and I learned a little from everyone, I am currently finishing my training as a coach and from all the coaches I met I learned that the most important thing is to live this paradigm and not only "knowing" what it is about or being able to teach others, to assist a person from a responsible position and being aware of noticing if what I say is what I really do, my Coach Guido Samelnik as well as a great human being and with A huge heart lives this paradigm as a choice of life, that is the experience I have of it for that reason is that I follow it and it is my model of being a coach tomorrow, Thank you Guido not for building my path but for seeing in me the posi ability to achieve goals and projects that I am specifying. My coach did not tell me that it was right or wrong, he created a context and from there I began to see things that I was not seeing. For me, personal mastery resides in the maximum amount of obtaining distinctions, coaching does not give us that, but it does show us. Thank you Guido for this year of sharing such significant experiences for me.

With love."

Stanislaus Saurit

Employee, 2nd Student Coach Training

“What really made the difference in my life, as far as coaching is concerned, was enabling me to recognize myself as a designer and creator of my own life. This was reflected in my personal, professional and business results. THANK YOU!!!"

Rodrigo Ferrer

Director, The Blue Bubble

“Essentially, the work in the astrological consultation consists of changing the discourse of non-possibility of the consultant, for a discourse of options, of possibility, based on the resources offered by the own natal chart. Although I did this task for more than twenty years, ontological coaching gave me new theoretical insights that allowed me to enrich my work.

On the other hand, a number of concepts that coaching handles can be linked to traditional astrological conceptions, so that shortly I will start seminars for astrologers in order to provide them with a new and rich approach to improve the interpretation of natal charts.

On a personal level, the ontological coaching allowed me to organize the activity in a more productive way and with less energy dispersion, both physical and intellectual.

One result, not least given that my profession is markedly individualistic, was to organize for the first time a harmonious and productive work team. "

Silvia Ceres

Director, Astrology People

“I am beginning my preparation to complete some of my competencies as a marketer and advisor to my clients. I felt that something was missing when it came time to help some of them complete their action in the work we were doing as a team, either with me or with their colleagues.

I began to feel that I was learning what I was looking for - and today I use it more and more and the results with my clients are as I expected, and I think they feel that way - and what I was looking for to give touched me in such a way that I came to what we call break, not of what I was doing, but of my doing: of my being.

This work that I was learning for others ends up serving me and that is how today I can give others what I thought was only a matter of "learning tools to apply in my work." Actually I apply it in my work, in me, in my work with me to be able to give others from the freedom that the one who can choose from a place of power has , which was not about learning by reading and repeating, but learning by doing: the great difference between concept and distinction.

Guido I am grateful that the revenir, for you; God, for me - and also the future - has produced this possibility so that today I have infinite doors to open and to give. Now I can freely plan and realize my personal future and also, with all due respect, my financial future. " Cordially, Omar "

Omar marturana

Creative Director, Merkadin

“One of the jobs that gave me the most satisfaction as a salesperson was putting together a service guide that was sold in my city, Rosario.

When I entered the company (I am no longer in it), they assigned me the task of marketing it, putting together a sales group to go out and sell the ads.

The task was somewhat difficult as he led a group of 15 people with an average of 40 years.

These people were at a time in their lives where they were not taken to work anywhere, they felt a lot of containment since they entered the company, their ability, their qualities as professional salesmen were recognized and they were given the space to think and comment.

What made this experience positive for me was that I trained, mentalized, made a group of people work towards a goal, who without having knowledge or experience in advertising but with enormous potential, went to find an achievement. What I had read and experienced about Coaching, helped me considerably in my way of thinking, speaking and receiving what these people said to me. In this way I was able to guide them through the journey and help them develop their potential. "

Jorge Lucero

Advertising Company Manager - Grupo C&M

“Coaching calls me the look from the human being who has and the possibility of intervening in conversations to generate possibilities in other people. I find in coaching a tool that allows me to assist people to achieve their goals with their own resources, which is the mission I chose in life. I investigated about Guido and I liked his way of being, serene, firm. GL Health & Coaching Consulting has excellence and Coach Training has a lot of human restraint. "

Marcelo vinzon

Director, PNL Group

“What calls me about Coaching is the Holistic vision it has of the facts, how through it you can reach an opening of consciousness. I am fascinated by the dynamics that are used. I see in Coaching an immense possibility for the evolution of people. The possibility of achieving the desired results in the area that is applied also calls me. When I met Guido, I was impressed with the support he was giving me and the love that came from his simple explanations. I chose GL Health & Coaching Consulting to train as a Coach because of the love and knowledge they transmit in this world "

Xavier Bustos Zobra

Coach Training Student, 2004

Personally, it takes time for me to internalize needs for change, it is not always easy to "feel" our paradigm. The experience in Coaching led me to be aware of myself, my life, the things I needed to change and to glimpse another horizon. It helped encourage me to make the necessary changes and take center stage in my life.

Generally, there is more than one way to get where we want, and we don't always choose the most suitable one, why not let them help us? ...

Silvana Lazaro

Head of Human Resources

Guido, my friend ...

"What a way to work this Workshop ... !!! it was FANTASTIC, I really want to tell you that I am very proud to have trained with you, since they worked as a true team, and showed in action what coaching is.

Aligned, focused, supporting each other, committed to each other and for people, 100% professional and human, without ceasing to have fun and enjoy what they were doing.

How powerful and gratified I feel when I see what happens to other people when they are being assisted by you.

It was impressive to see the faces of each one of them when they reflected after playing a game, the "realization", the "falling chips", in short, sharing this "touching lives". Guido, I want to thank you again for the invitation, your trust, for sharing your dreams with me and for being there. A big hug, Mariano

Mariano vazquez

Coach Training Student 1st

Dear Guido and team: thank you for inviting me, I had a great time, and I learned a lot.

I am in a special stage, for a change, and it is about how I am playing, being or doing without thinking, that is, incorporating and feeling from a supramental plane of being, in contact and in tune with the life that people and people feel in the universe. things, it is a way of understanding what I want, am and what I must do, it includes the order of my mental and emotional plane and that of my material physical actions.

Thanks Guido and team, the one who wins the most wins, I listened well: ... playing I smile and win, I felt the beauty in all planes including the numeral and that of your being, that of my partner who with her agile masseur fingers I always covered mine, Lorena's, thank you, I really liked it, until the next meeting, Horacio.

Quiroga schedule

Textile Entrepreneur

Hello Guido, I am and I feel extremely happy and excited about your growth, your dedication, your passion and your joy with what you do.

I am very proud, but I feel that the most important feeling is this need to SHARE your joy, your achievements and your growth.

I CONGRATULATE YOU! many congratulations and congratulations !!!

I also want to tell you that I congratulate you because you are forming a good work team and that is something great, because you well know it is very difficult and also very important to be able to do it.

I love you very much, Norma

Norma Calas

2nd Coach Training Student

Guido !!!

From my point of view ... Excellent presentation, creative, emotional and with an impeccable arrival to the being of the people. You generated a context from love and transformation.

Very good organization.

I am super proud of you as a loving and professional person in this discipline.

I recognize you and my most sincere congratulations for the work you have had to achieve such a high performance.

My recognition to all your staff.

A huge kiss from the soul. Monica

Monica Fronti

Human Resources Manager - ISCEA

Dear Guido:

I wanted to thank you, and thank everyone who organized yesterday's presentation meeting.

Not only did it open my head even more, but now I have several dilemmas, they left the brain channels open to continue searching, my limbic system remained expectant ...

I get very excited, it is more I thought it was very oriented to physical activity only, but the breadth that they expose is more than interesting.

Well apart from thanking you all, it is to tell you that I want to enroll in the coaching course, as you said at one point "I don't know what it is but I think I'm looking for", actually I know what it is, but I need to pass my ceiling !!!.

I send you a kiss, thank you repeatedly for your attention.

Greets you atte.

Silvia Gustinelli

Prof. Physical Education

Hi Guido,

First of all, I wanted to congratulate you and thank you again for the talk yesterday.

It was excellent !!! With nothing to envy from the many talks / conferences that I had the opportunity to attend, it is more with a much higher level.

Very good content, organization, etc.

I congratulate you on your professional growth, and thank you for joining us in our company.

Darius Ambinder

Director - Pantymed Lmtd.

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