Great players win games, great teams win championships

Incorporate and develop Sports Coaching

  • It not only makes it easier for athletes and leaders to adapt to changes, but also for them to be able to design - create - invent the future.

  • It connects the human being with transcendental values and commitment.

  • Increases the capacity for learning and transformation.

  • It accompanies the person in the process and development of their "being in the world", from a space of responsibility, ethics and integrity.

  • Enables active and effective listening.

  • Create effective / affective relationships, improving communication.

  • It promotes the achievement of extraordinary results.

  • It develops contexts of openness, commitment, respect, trust and power, for the effective coordination of actions and the consolidation of teams, promoting union and integration.

  • It favors the resolution of conflicts and the achievement of objectives (both personal and group), fostering cooperative and reflective forms, achieving win-win-win benefit agreements (you – I – our environment).

Ontological & Integral Sports Coach

a facilitator of learning processes for his students, players, and teams, a "coach in the domain of being".

Contributions of Sports Coaching

Players / Athletes / Athletes / Students:

We facilitate ontological distinctions, active listening, for the management of emotions and the design of powerful conversations.

The Professionals (Coach / Teacher / Personal Trainer / Instructor / Physical Trainer / Technical Director)

Training them as facilitators of change, learning and personal transformation processes. The Sports Coach sees and listens to all the possibilities, and accompanies them to put them into action.

The Institution / The Club:
Training managers and leaders to provide a good framework of containment in the transformation processes of their community as well as transmitters of key tools for change.

How to Learn and Work with Sports Coaching?

There are five different ways to learn and work with Sports Coaching:

  1. Training activities (intensive, face-to-face and virtual courses and workshops). see more

  2. Training Programs (face-to-face and virtual). see more

  3. Personal coaching, hiring a Coach to work on certain specific problems and objectives to be achieved (face-to-face or virtual). see more

  4. Institutional or Team Coaching, hiring a Coach to work on certain specific problems and objectives to be achieved within the institution or the team (face-to-face or virtual). see more

  5. Reading of books and specialized articles. see more